crane pink harbour industrial

Fondation     acrylic on wood     113 x 80 cm




Elektro-Bâle      acrylic on canvas     90 x 145  cm   



crane pink harbour industrial

Goliath i      acrylic on canvas     90 x 100 cm




photorealistic painting in acrylic of the back of a container, shades of brown

Voyage i   acrylic on canvas   110/120cm




acrylic painting of velvet theatre seats

Front Row   acrylic on canvas/board   96 x 80 x 3 cm  




acrylic painting of velvet theatre seats

Goliath ii    acrylic on canvas    90 x 100 cm  




Verona  acrylic on canvas   70 x 98 cm  



(A) (The) Way 1 i   acrylic on canvas   70/120 cm



contemporary art, painting of a ring, basel, switzerland

Chain   acrylic on mdf   100/72 cm



Break i  acrylic on board    60 x 32 cm      sold



Klosterberg    acrylic on mdf   160/102 cm



Premier   acrylic on canvas   155/80 cm    sold   



Skyline 2023    160 x 95 cm       commissioned work      Hoffmann-La Roche Basel



Morgartenring    acrylic on mdf  180/102 cm   sold



Change i   acrylic on canvas, mdf    110/70 cm    sold